RMLfx 2023

  • How are we still alive?
  • This year I will start working out more.
  • Distortion Filters and stuff...
Hey everyone. Nobody is sick. This is just an update on whats going on in our little closed loop. Been extremely worried about catching covid. Not just a little, like a fuck lot. So I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home in the shop alone. My usual crew of people that have worked with RMLfx for years now is now off doing their own things to survive. 

As I mentioned before the RMLfx shop is in our home. I have a full basement shop the size of our house. Its wonderful. I do the wood working, the building, the shipping all from here. Also a music studio set up where I test all the pedals and product that goes out the door.

To rent that kind of space separately at a different location would cost $$$. The down side, this is a closed environment, Not a lot of air flow, one bathroom, and the break room is our kitchen. I had people on in the beginning of the pandemic and I couldn't handle it. I tried, but the paranoia of the virus had me following them around with cans of lysol. I can vouch for our limited exposure with the world, but with employees drilling them about how many people they see and what they are doing in their personal life just didn't feel right.

So I'm working alone. That means every time I need to build a pedal I'm not able to simultaneously do the wood working, or shipping. Flip that around in any order and its the same. Things are taking extra long to get done.

So be warned. We are still taking orders. I'm working my butt off to get you those orders. Its just gonna take time. Hopefully I'll get sick and not die. Then for a short time I can feel safe and immune and can be around others. Maybe a vaccine soon? Then I can get my crew back. And we all can get back to the way life was.

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