EFCcv #720


The Electron Fuzz Custom CV (large format)


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This is our flagship distortion box with a very special and expensive meter. I had acquired a couple of these a while ago and was waiting for the right time to use them! So with this box we went with the best of the best.

****This is an advanced modded version of the regular Electron Fuzz Custom. The “EFCcv”  has a number of features not available in the aluminum etched boxed versions.  With the addition of 4 Control Voltage inputs to control the major features the sonic possibilities have been even further expanded.

BleedOutThe inputs are large format 1/4″. The top panel is a very thick 1/8th inch aluminum plate. the EFCcv Requires a standard 9volt power supply (not included)

“Distortion Out” is the independent distortion volume. The “Output” CV controls the distortion out and works as a simple VCA. “Hurt” and “Pain” are tone controls tied into different gain stages. Both are controllable via CV.

hurtThe “Bleed Out” knob controls a clean mix. If your using this with keyboards or with guitar and wish to maintain the integrity and warmth of your original signal you can mix in a separate boosted clean signal. Both clean and distorted signals can be controlled separately. This works very well with bass guitar and helps retain the low end.

The “Decay” toggle engages a couple of germanium diodes. They add a saturation to your clean signal only. Adds a nice flavor when mixing that clean signal back in with the fully distorted signal.

The “FB OSC” or “Feedback oscillation” can make the pedal sound almost 8bit or add some interesting screeching characteristics to FCOSCyour sound. This effect is still separate from the clean mix increasing the ability to add texture to a warmer boosted signal. The CV control can create ramps up or down in pitch.

If you have any special finishing request things like color stain or types of meters please contact me:
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johnathan June 20, 2019 Available