JnH Serpa #777

Serpa Jekyll n Hyde #777

“Serpa” Aluminum box version with lucky
SN# 777 (Price reflects rare jumbo meter)
Price: $629.00

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**Requires an 18volt regulated DC (neg tip) supply with a min – 150mA. Get a supply here.

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Please Read: Lucky no#777 !!!! Utilizing some larger unusual meters we got in. All the same info as #771 just with a different “round” jumbo meter. This “Serpa” Jekyll n Hyde box is a greatly expanded Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box. It features “filter balance control that changes the response of the ladder filters. It also has mid range boost for each filter, and LFO outs for each of the slow drifting LFOs. I’ve put in a very unique resonant feedback mod on an “on/off/on” toggle that creates some pretty interesting textures by routing the resonance from one filter to the other.

The size of the Triplet meter is 4.25″. The meters we normally use measure about 3.25 to 3.5″ This box is ready to ship.

Original version

More about the Jekyll n Hyde: ***Please read: This is a new version of the Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box. R. Serpa had asked me to design one into an aluminum box. He had asked that it still have a vintage meter. Meters are often deep as they are wide so I needed a much larger box. Please note that this has a much larger footprint than the standard JnH boxes. 10.75″ wide by 7″ tall and 2.75″ thick from the table up. Its a very big box. The Jekyll n Hyde box normally is a 5.5×9.5 footprint. Because I had extra space I was able to add a couple of mods. Each filter has a filter balance that changes the “Sustain” level of the audio and each filter now has a midrange boost knob. I’ve also added  slow drifting LFO outs in 1/8th in euro jacks. There is also a cross resonance feedback mod called “Misc” Its 3 position up/off/down. It adds a weird distortion to the resonance when the filter resonance is increased. It does this by sending the resonant feedback to both filters. Only works in stereo mode. Its odd but very cool.


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