RMLfx Utility Splitter Box

Its not a looper!

FSsplitterStanpSale! Now $119+Shipping!

Price: 1in x 4 0ut buffer: $119

Domestic shipping: $10
International Shipping: $24-$50.00
***International shipping is estimated.

**Requires an 9volt regulated DC (neg tip) supply

So Simple and perfect. One signal in. Four cloned buffer signals out. The 4th buffer has an adjustable gain.


  • Use up to 4 amps at a time
  • Recored 2 different amps at the same time.
  • Send a dry un amped signal to the mixing board.
  • Use additional amps for larger choruses. Mute tracks back to verse.
  • Enhance your configurations.
  • So may things you could do…