Serpa Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box

Available for special orders
Price: “Serpa” Aluminum box version: $599.00

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International Shipping: $50.00
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**Requires an 18volt regulated DC (neg tip) supply with a min150ma.
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***If you would like a wood box Jekyll n Hyde please go here!
***This is a very custom item. Orders can take as long as 30-45 days.

****This product is no longer available for custom orders. I will make some B-Stock boxes available later on. Please check back.

***Please read: This is a new version of the Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box. R. Serpa had asked me to design one into an aluminum box. He had asked that it still have a vintage meter. Meters are often deep as they are wide so I needed a much larger box. Please note that this has a much larger footprint than the standard JnH boxes. 10.75″ wide by 7″ tall and 2.75″ thick from the table up. Its a very big box. The Jekyll n Hyde box normally is a 5.5×9.5 footprint.

Because I had extra space I was able to add a couple of mods. Each filter has a filter balance that changes the “Sustain” level of the audio and each filter now has a midrange boost knob. I’ve also added  slow drifting LFO outs in 1/8th in euro jacks. There is also a cross resonance feedback mod called “Misc” Its 3 position up/off/down. It adds a weird distortion to the resonance when the filter resonance is increased. It does this by sending the resonant feedback to both filters. Only works in stereo mode. Its odd but very cool.

More on the Jekyll n Hyde:

The Jekyll n Hyde is a dual LP filter distortion box with enhanced resonant feedback. One Transistor ladder filter and one Diode ladder filter. The input can be linked to feed a mono signal into each filter creating a wide stereo effect. This sounds great with mono analog synths. Both filters have a pre drive/distortion, a post gain and germanium clipping. Each filter also has a slow drifting LFO for subtle modulation and CV ins for filter control.

JnHwesiteCardThe filters can also be used separately for stereo processing.  Just unlink the inputs with the M/S toggle in the back. Depending on how you have it dialed in the you can create a very wide stereo field or a more natural one. Both filters have a different method of distortion in the pre-drive section. Jekyll is cleaner, Hyde can be made to be fully distorted.

***Keep in mind the look may vary depending on type of wood and meter used. Should you have any special requests as far as color just send me an e mail. …or you can leave me to my own devices. I do my best to give each box its own unique look and personality.


***A couple of audio samples a Jekyll n Hyde paired up with a Buchla Modular:

Watch some demos:

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