Utility Box Version 2.0 – 1 in x 4 buffered outs

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**9 – 12volt power supply not included 

Its not a looper! Its one input with 4 mutable buffered outputs. A Swiss army knife for the studio. This was originally built for a live set up where a bass player wanted to send her signal to a guitar amp during choruses for live performances. In a studio situation its fun to turn a mono instrument into a wide stereo instrument. By running the different outs into different effects like distortion, the stereo field can become a soundscape.

Use a standard boss style 9 volt supply or anything up to 12volts (Negative tip!). The higher the voltage the more dynamics. The gains will push into clipping at their max settings. Less so with the higher voltages. (Power supply not included.)

Ways to use this pedal:

  • Use up to 4 amps live (but only if your one crazy MF!)
  • Put a turner on one of the outputs.
  • Run a clean signal to a DI box or directly into a DAW
  • Send your clean signal to parallel processing
  • Use with complicated keyboard setups
  • Record with different amps simultaneously in the studio
  • Mute yourself. Its a buffer pedal so there is no bypass. It’s on or off!
  • Impress your friends with your unusual taste in gear.

This is a limited build in a limited color. Please note: When using several amps at the same time it’s best to have them plugged into the same power strip or wall outlet. This helps avoid any weird ground issues.