With special “Power Failure” Tag

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You will need an 18volt Power Supply like this one. Power supply NOT included.

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With the return of one of our original builders (Jared Scott) back in the shop this last December I took the opportunity to clear out some of our remaining B-Stock enclosures.

**This B-stock enclosure had a paint blem along an edge that I was unable to touch up. So I crafted some wooden ears to distract from the blem. The sets the box and a slight angle with the rear of the box slightly raised.

Additionally we added a vintage “power failure” tag under the meter. Chris from @PreservationSound (Instagram) was nice enough to have sent me a box of these tags and I have been waiting for just the right time to use one. This seemed perfect, and it fits with the vintage “Relative Power” reading on the meter.

Definitely one of the more unique Jekyll n Hyde Serpa boxes we’ve had in a while.

I’ve officially discontinued these boxes and we are no longer doing custom orders for them. This will be one of the final boxes. Only a few more enclosures left.

The Jekyll n Hyde box is a dual analog filter box with pre distortions feeding into the filters..

The Jekyll side is a transistor ladder filter with an overdriven pre-drive circuit (adjustable).

The Hyde side is a diode ladder filter with 2 different distortion circuits. A potentiometer brings those together creating a phased combination in the center.

The filters have that natural unstable “worble”. Especially noticeable when cranking up the resonant feedback into self oscillation. Something modern synths don’t have and VST/AU plugins don’t replicate well.

For fun (and sometimes confusion) I’ve added a cross resonance mod that feeds one filters resonance into the opposing circuit and vice versa. Really freaks things out. The results can be unpredictable. Perfect for sound design.