RMLfx 2023

  • How are we still alive?
  • This year I will start working out more.
  • Distortion Filters and stuff...
  • Hang on....

EFCcv Euro pedal pre-order

Electron Fuzz Custom CV Euro pedal version


EFCcvEuro1Price: $349 Pre-Order Deposit: $159
Domestic shipping: $free
International Priority Shipping: $25-$65 (But we will cover half!)

**International shipping charges are estimated.  Feel free to message us with any questions. We will cover half the international shipping charge to any country the United States Postal Service will ship to.

When your pedal is ready we will invoice you for the remainder of $190 + any international shipping charges.
Pre-Order Deposit: $159

Welcome too the pre-order page. Here is the plan:
I’ll be setting up a run of 30 over the next 30 days. Once the enclosures come back from our master laser operator we will start building and filling the orders. Best guesstimation is this should take about 45 days for units to start shipping.


Site still under construction.

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