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Electron Fuzz History

From an old news reel‭:‬

‮…‬Once only rumored to have existed‭, ‬archeologists recently unearthed the original‭ ‬
Electron Fuzz at the site of the worlds worst nuclear disaster‭. ‬


On December 23‭, ‬1949‭ ‬nuclear engineers in charge of reactor safety were distracted when one of them built a guitar pedal from parts of the main reactor control panel‭. ‬This guitar pedal caused massive distortion‭. …‬and later lead to massive unimaginable destruction‭. ‬

‭”‬We simply got distracted while playing guitar and forget what we were supposed to be doing‭.”‬

The only survivor was also quoted saying‭ “‬The sound was worth it‭”.‬

IMG_9840Since then‭, ‬this device lay buried under a pile of rubble and nuclear fallout‭. ‬After years of pain staking hard work the Electron Fuzz has been recovered and fully restored‭. ‬

We can finally hear the sound that caused that unforgettable massive apocalyptic day of destruction‭.‬

IMG_9856The Electron Fuzz is a brutal distortion pedal that uses parasitic frequency oscillation to create changing overtones when notes‭ ‬are played and held‭. ‬With the x1000‭ ‬gain boost it can be pushed well into unusable ranges and can get incredibly loud‭. ‬An adjustable feedback loop can be turned on and off for additional noise mangling‭. ‬Reducing output gain also increases saturation‭, ‬smoothing out harsher frequencies‭. ‬It features a low cut toggle‭, ‬true bypass‭.

The Electron Fuzz pictured here was custom built into an etched enclosure with a vintage meter and knobs. If you would like one please contact us at sales@retromechanicallabs.com

You can purchase an Electron Fuzz Custom here!
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