RMLfx 2023

  • How are we still alive?
  • This year I will start working out more.
  • Distortion Filters and stuff...
  • Hang on....



Look may vary depending on color and meter.


Available for special order. Build time approx. 4 weeks
Price: $365
Deposit: $111 (not available with lid)
We will invoice for the remainder plus shipping when box is ready to ship.
Domestic shipping: $18
International Priority Shipping: $39

**International shipping charges are estimated. We will invoice you for the shipping once we can determine the exact cost to your country. Feel free to message us with any questions.


  • This pedal has two separate effects circuits‭ with their own independent outs. ‬On the left side is the Octavia pedal with two different circuits‭. ‬On the right is a distortion pedal‭. ‬The meter can switch between monitoring ether of the pedal circuits‭.‬
  • The Smokestack: is a double pedal that can be used in a number of different ways. Since the octave effect is mixable and can be completely eliminated. On the smokestack side of the pedal it can be dialed to a Clean boost or two different distortions. With a patch cable you can run one of the pedals into the other for a completely different take.
  • Octavia: The top distortion controls the gain‭, ‬distortion and drive of the Octavia clone‭ ‬“Smoke”‭. ‬The bottom distortion controls the distortion of the RML octave circuit‭ ‬“Stack” The‭ ‬“Oct-o”‭ ‬knob controls the amount of the octave effect‭. ‬Volume will control the overall output of the pedal‭.‬
  • War on toggles: I’m not a big fan of toggle switches. Where I can replace them with a potentiometer I will. The “smoke/stack” knob is an ether/or selector. Sometimes a balance can be found but it is not intended to mix the two distinct sounds. All the way to the left for the original octavia clone. All the way to the right for the RML octave fuzz circuit.This also applies to the distortion circuit on the right side of the pedal. “Texture” has 3 settings. Turned all the way to the left for silicon clipping. Center for a loud more mid range sound. Turn all the way to the right for germanium clipping.
  • Power Supply: Use a 9-volt‭, ‬negative-tip power supply‭. ‬18volt will sound better and provide more dynamics‭.‬ Power supply not included.


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