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RML Wallpapers
December 9, 2015

Welcome. I take a lot of photos and thought it might be fun to share a few. Below are some images (2160x1440) I thought may make good wallpapers.  Not sure if they will work for everyone but please feel free to share. Enjoy! Johnathan-

EFC Studio
February 1, 2020

EFC Studio 19" Rack Available for custom orders Price: $949 (with vintage meters) Price: $899 (Backlit smaller meters) Deposit: $400/$405 Extended build time. 6-8 months. We are just now getting some of our team back together after the debacle of 2020. It's gonna take some time to get up to speed. Rest assured we do get to every order. And at any time you feel its taking too long please ask for your deposit back. When your order is ready we invoice...

EFC mini
July 1, 2020

Electron Fuzz Custom "mini" All the features of the full Electron Fuzz Custom but in a smaller package. Price: $199 Fallout Black and Nuclear Winter White in stock! Domestic shipping: $free International Priority Shipping: We cover half of international shipping on this box! **International shipping charges are estimated. We will invoice you for the shipping once we can determine the exact cost to your country. Feel free to message us with ...

Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box
March 4, 2022

No longer available for special orders Price: Dual Filter Box: $499.00 Domestic shipping: $23-$35International Shipping: $50.00***International shipping is estimated. **Requires an 18volt regulated DC (neg tip) supply with a min150ma.***All special orders require a deposit to start.The remaining balance due will be invoice when unit is ready to ship.***This is a very custom item. Orders can take as long as 45-60 days. ***We are no longe...

Electron Fuzz Custom (Retro)
August 2, 2022

Electron Fuzz Custom Retro EFCr with vintage meter: $449 Deposit: $149 Domestic shipping: $18 to $45 International Priority Shipping: $39-$70 (Approximately) **International shipping charges are estimated. We will invoice you for the shipping once we can determine the exact cost to your country. Feel free to message us with any questions. ***All deposits are applied in full towards purchase when your box is ready to ship. The Electron Fuzz...

Mig Fuzz SE
September 1, 2022

The Mig Fuzz Special Edition Price: $299Domestic shipping: $freeInternational Shipping: $50.00***International shipping is estimated.  Ready for assembly. Please allow 2-3 days for processing. ***Please Read: Recently we put our Mig Fuzz into an aluminum box. We have had many requests for a more durable "non-wood" version. After receiving a custom order for one we decided it was time to make this available. Same circuit as in...

432k Rev2
September 1, 2022

432k Rev2 with Standard Meter Price: $349Domestic shipping: $FREEAprox. International Shipping: $39 - $65(18volt supply not included) Get one the ECB004 4/12 ***Enclosures in stock!  In stock. But in the event we need to build more 2 days. …Because vintage meters are limited and hard to find here is the "Standard meter" version. Meter is illuminated!This model has a a couple of different mods not on the normal ve...

EFC cv Distortion
September 30, 2022

EFCcv Distortions will come with standard guitar stomp/push button switches. ***Not able to offer boxes with lids at this time.  Available for Special order. New variant of the Electron Fuzz Custom with 4 Control Voltage inputs. **all orders include a retro style or vintage panel meter. Order time: 5-7 weeks Price: $499 Special order deopsit $170 Domestic shipping: Free Aprox. International Shipping: $39.00 ***New Control voltage features. ...

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