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You will need an 18volt Power Supply like this one. Power supply NOT included.

Unit measurements: (width) 7.25″ x (depth) 7.75″ x (hight) 8.75″

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Please read:

A machine of war now an instrument of artistic expression.

This is a Hyde Distortion Filter (Analog Diode ladder filter with pre-distortions)

It’s built into a vintage Military 1939 LM-4 “Crystal Frequency Indicator”. Used by the US Navy during WW2. This box took a considerable amount of work to complete. Getting the main knob to smoothly turn and interface with a modern potentiometer was difficult. We’ve replaced the window on the left side with a flux meter. It flashes and flickers in response to your audio signal. This LM-4 has an extremely low serial number of #24. Likely manufactured and used immediately for the war effort. There were many revisions later on such as the LM-15. No doubt making subtle improvements along the way. This is a very early unit.

January 14th 1939 appears on the ID tag. Its hard to know the exact manufacturing date but given the low serial no# we can assume its very close.

The layout of the input, output and knobs worked out especially well. As a general rule we don’t like to take a museum piece and add arbitrary holes that obscure print or disrupt the original design.

  • Crystal on/off (True Bypass)
  • R.F. Coupling (input)
  • Phones (output)
  • Modulation on/off (LFO Amount)
  • Power Fil. Plate (LFO Speed)
  • Corrector toggle (Distortion/Clean)
  • H (top knob right Distortion Pre Mix)
  • L (Post filter drive)
  • Frequency Band Low\ /High (LFO bypass)
  • Dial units (LPF Frequency)
  • R.F. CPLG (Resonance)

We’ve put the 1/8″ cv jacks across the top along with the clipping diodes knob. The print has been laser etched. We left the remnants of an old surplus sticker that seems to indicate it was once resold here locally in Portland Oregon.

The unit sits on a shock absorbent support system designed for installation on aircraft or naval vessels.

What does it sound like? The music in the video below was made with a Hyde Distortion Filter and an Electron Fuzz Distortion.

The standard Hyde distortion filter looks like this:

Please contact me here if you have any questions: Johanthans e mail.