The Mig Fuzz Special Edition

Price: $299
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Got a couple in stock ready to ship. 1/14/24

***Please Read: Recently we put our Mig Fuzz into an aluminum box. We have had many requests for a more durable “non-wood” version. After receiving a custom order for one we decided it was time to make this available. Same circuit as in the wood box version but we added 2 additional mods. In the mixable parallel circuit I made the clean gain stage adjustable and added some diode clipping on a potentiometer.  If you dial in only the parallel circuit and turn the diode clipping up it will give a completely different sounding pedal. This adds more tonal possibilities to an already versatile pallet of possible sounds.

Be advised this is a large pedal: 4 5/8ths” by 7 1/4th”  Price includes 2-3day priority sipping anywhere in the USA. We will cover half the international shipping to make it easier for our friends overseas!

This pedal also uses some unique vintage parts. I’m not sure how many more of the wire wound resistors we can get at the moment. I was lucky to get the last batch. If needed we can replace those with standard resistors but I’d rather not.  – Johnathan

Custom Etched Mig Fuzz in vertical layout.

More about the Mig Fuzz:

The newly redesigned Mig Fuzz is a classic 4 stage cascading amplifier distortion circuit with a mid range tone control featuring three very useful mods. This unit operates on a standard 9volt power supply (not included)

Mod one: (1st toggle) First stage clipping bypass. When active the tone sounds a little warmer. Its not a drastic change but a seasoned musician will notice the difference when playing.

Mod two: (2nd Toggle) Tone stack toggle greatly changes sound of tone stack and gives the pedal a more classic “Tone Bender” sound.


Mod three:
(Mix Knob) This is a repeating theme with RML pedals. It provides a mix between the main distortion and a more gentler overdrive signal. This gives you the option to mix in that more solid signal with your fully distorted signal creating a nice pallet of tonal possibilities. If you love the tone of your amp you don’t have to choose between one or the other. This is a highly recommended pedal for recording.

Using some very special vintage NOS parts to create a modern classic:


The Mig Fuzz uses a NOS (new old stock) Soviet capacitor at the heart of the tone stack. The parts are pre tested for accuracy and hand selected. Parts like this are not something you will find in other Fx pedals. We believe the insides should be as unique as the outsides The Mig Fuzz also uses 2 wire wound thimble resistors in the input and output paths. An Allen-Bradley carbon resistor guides your instruments signal in and through a slightly beefier .22uf capacitor to give a little more oomph on the input. (The original version used a vintage .22uf capacitor but those are no longer available.)


***Retro Mechanical Labs distortion boxes are designed to look like old test equipment of the 1950s while providing a modern sound using a unique combination of vintage parts when possible. Old stock antique meters are for look and feel only and may very in performance.

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