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Dual EFCcv combo Box


Available for order!



Maple Red Mahogany: $599 Deposit: $172

Absence of Light Black: $599 Deposit: $173

Natural Oiled Walnut: $629 Deposit: $174

Domestic shipping: Free.

**Requires an 9 volt power supply – not included. Click here.

International Priority Shipping: **Shipping for orders overseas is determined upon request. Feel free to message us with any questions. Click here.  ***Please check with Schneiders laden first to see if they have boxes in stock!

Color/Wood options

Please Read:

By request we took two Electron fuzz Custom (euro pedal) units and put them side by side into one box. This is great for anyone who wants to do some serious “stereo” analog distortion. All 1/8″ jacks. Use a standard 1/4″ to 1/8th” cable to operate with synths, drum machines or your DAW. When using with eurorack we suggest using a GPI (Guitar Pedal Interface) module for best results. If your into extreme sports try running one EFCcv into the other for total decimation.

It 12.25″ x 5.5″ in size. Just slightly larger than an iMac keyboard


More about the EFCcv euro pedal…

•••Euro Rack Pedal only! Sorry guitar people this pedal only has  1/8th inch jacks. All jacks are on the top side/face of the pedal. It is intended to connect to your euro rack system. 4 CV inputs work on a positive +5 voltage. Safe to run higher voltages in but you wont notice much change past 5volts. CV Control:Hurt“, “Pain“, “Feedback OSC“, and “Distortion Out” all have independent CV controls. “Hurt” works as a Hi-Pass. “Pain” works as a low pass. Both of these tone controls are tied to gain stages. Changing these also affect the amount of gain passing to the next gain stage. This produces a more chaotic form of tone control and a wide range of textures. “Feedback OSC” is a noise making function that can produce sounds ranging from low pulses or bit crunch to tunable wha-screaming self oscillation. The tone of the Feedback OSC is greatly dependent on Hurt and Pain controls. “Distortion Out” is the volume of the distortion pedal. It works like a basic VCA. The Distortion Out is independent from the “Bleed Out” that functions as a clean pass circuit. Ideal for mixing distortion with synths or anything from vocals to drum sounds. The new input impedance knob: reduces the amount of signal hitting the distortion circuit. Concept: The clean signal pass provides a way to keep the fidelity of the original signal intact while mixing the distorted signal over it. Function: ***This is a high gain distortion pedal. Please expect it to behave as such. In short it will amplify line noise. Moog products tend to be very clean. Dave Smith synths such as the Pro2 tend to have a higher noise floors. While no signal is being run through it the noise floor will be amplified. If a square wave CV signal is left on you may hear “CV tick” as the transistors switch from open to closed. More about the Electron Fuzz Custom: The Electron Fuzz “Custom” is an extremely high gain distortion. Seriously, normal volume setting is at about 10% of its full output potential. Two gain/tone controls “Hurt” and “Pain” give a variety of tone textures and a feedback noise loop can be adjusted to add a very gritty almost 8-bit sound or a squelching scream. (Great for droning or well crafted solos and recording). The extra stomp switch adds 2 more additional gain stages and a boost of high end to the sound. Best of all the distortion oscillates when notes are held adding a new level of expression.

Here is a great demo video of the non-cv EFC from the “Pedal and Effects” youtube channel featuring Alessandro Cortini of NIN, Sonoio and Modwheelmood.

Please read the brief history of the Electron Fuzz here.

[list_circle]Things I personally enjoy about this pedal:


The red LED switches on when boost mode is enabled. A convent way to know where you are when playing. • Knob controls: A unique approach to tone control… Hurt: Controls the gain of 3rd gain stage. Lowering the gain will also reduce low end. Pain: Controls the gain of the 2nd transistor gain stage. Lowering the gain will reduce high end. Output: Volume/saturation. Take some of the edge off the mix or crank the pain and hurt all the way for a big, dirty, crunchy fuzz. FB Noise: Adjusts the amount of feedback in the circuit for noise making. Creates a weird octave mod fx.• Switch controls:Low cut toggle: Cuts the low end for a slightly less bassy more gated sound. x1000 gain: On left stomp switch. This takes your sound through an addition 2 transistor gain stages and pushes the electrons way past 11! The booster switch adds a loud and dirty, thrash crunch to this versatile pedal. Incredible for feedback noise and FX textures. Can cause the parasitic frequency oscillation but sounds awesome while playing. True Bypass: Lets you play through the pedal. • Meter: Responds to your playing, and reflects first gain stage transistor distortion. Illuminates when active.

More info on the Electron Fuzz!

***All purchases done through Paypal. Units are always shipped ASAP. Please note when purchasing from eBay shipping charges may be vary. ****International shipping can vary. Typically I will credit back any difference when your unit is ready and I am able to verify exact shipping to your specific location.

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