Hyde Distortion Filter / EFCcv combo

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Natural oiled walnut Price: $659

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Color/Wood options

**Requires an 18volt power supply – not included. Click here.

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Available for special order.

***Please read: Finally the completed vision. All analog filter and distortion. The Hyde Distortion Filter and the Electron Fuzz Custom CV together in one beautifully hand crafted box. The width is just 12.25″ wide and sits 5.5″ deep. Just slightly wider than an iMac keyboard.

***Phasing out the Flux Meter so that option is not available.

All 1/8″ jacks for interfacing with modular synth systems. The output is still line level so we recommend using these with a GPI module or something similar for attenuation and reamping to eurorack levels. Or just use it as normal with synths and drum machines. You just need the 1/8″ to 1/4″ jacks sold here.

The Hyde Distortion Filter is one half of the famous Jekyll n Hyde box but with some enhancements.

  • Filter CV
  • Inverted Filter CV
  • Resonance CV
  • Hi Pass CV
  • Midrange Boost CV
  • Distortion circuit bypass

The Electron Fuzz Custom is a high gain distortion that sounds exceptionally good with synths and drum machines. More info here.

The HDF sounds very good going into the Electron Fuzz Custom CV distortion offering a huge range of tone shaping possibilities. You can also run the EFCcv into the Hyde DF. There is no wrong way to use this. They also operate as two individual pedals.

You can find a lot of demos of the individual pedals and a few of the combo on my Instagram page.

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