I’ve been holding on to this for a bit.

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Requires an 18volt power supply with a negative tip that can deliver at least 150ma. (Not included.) I recommend supplies like the ECB004

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Available for your consideration. The final “B-Stock” Jekyll n Hyde Serpa dual filter box.

Please Read:

This is the very last Jekyll n Hyde Dual Filter box. This is technically a “B-Stock” due to a very faint mark on the finish. It’s not really that noticeable and takes turning up the light quite a bit to see. But I can’t ethically pretend it’s not there. 🙂 So its makes down $50.

Sn# 1042 sports a very nice jumbo meter. 1/4″ in and out audio jacks on the back.

I’ve officially discontinued these boxes and we are no longer doing custom orders for them. This will be THE FINAL BOX!

The Jekyll n Hyde box is a dual analog filter box with pre distortions feeding into the filters..

The Jekyll side is a transistor ladder filter with an overdriven pre-drive circuit (adjustable).

The Hyde side is a diode ladder filter with 2 different distortion circuits. A potentiometer brings those together creating a phased combination in the center.

The filters have that natural unstable “worble”. Especially noticeable when cranking up the resonant feedback into self oscillation. Something modern synths don’t have and VST/AU plugins don’t replicate well.

For fun (and sometimes confusion) I’ve added a cross resonance mod that feeds one filters resonance into the opposing circuit and vice versa.

You can find a lot of demes of the individual pedals and a few of the combo on my Instagram page.

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