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You will need an 18volt Power Supply like this one. Power supply NOT included.

This is a 19″ 3U studio rack. Approximately 6″ deep.


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Please Read:

Much like the Jekyll n Hyde dual filter box but two Hyde Filters!

This is a one-off unit. I had purchased the rack enclosure a few years ago. The rack itself didn’t well work for the layout of the EFC Studio. So on a whim we decided to put two of the new Hyde Distortion Filters with the illuminated meters (and full CV) inside instead.

I’ve been working on the new “Retro” (wood boxed single version) with the illuminated meter and felt this double unit needed to exist. Not many 19″ studio racks have CV but I thought it might be better to have it rather than to leave it out.

On the back are 1/4″ in/outs jacks for both the left and right modules. Standard instrument line level. This is not an XLR unit. I have added an input link via toggle on the front, much like whats on the Jekyll n Hyde boxes. That way you can create crazy stereo soundscapes from a single mono instrument. The rack unit is powered by an 18volt DC supply. (not included) Same supply used for Jekyll n Hyde boxes. A large toggle on the front powers the unit on/off.

**Not sure if this will be a standard RMLfx offering but I’ll consider it based on the response we get here.

More about the Hyde Distortion Filter:

The HDF is an analog diode ladder filter with two distinct distortion circuits that blend together (pre-filter). The result can be dialed in to create a blend of the two signal paths. Where they meet in the middle is a third district fuzz. The resonance can be tuned down to about 80hz. Tuning the resonance of each unit left/right can create a ghostly sound scape of instability. Something you don’t get from VSTs and soft synths.

Pure beautiful analog moving real electrons.

There is a slow drifting LFO with its own distinct out. The LFO can be patched into any of the CV inputs. The idea behind this is to keep the filter “alive” rather than sitting in a static position.

There is a toggle that bypasses the distortion/fuzz signals completely for further creative audio sculpting.

Things I enjoy about this circuit:

  • The sound of the filter! Smooth and dark.
  • The distortion is not high gain. Works well with noisy synths.
  • Enhanced resonant feedback for more expressive tones
  • Pre-filter distortion and Post overdrive for gain recovery
  • Post germanium clipping/saturation
  • CV filter control, use modular gear to ….modulate!
  • Slow drifting LFO modulation keeps an otherwise stagnate signal alive.
  • True Bypass

• Knob controls:

Up: Pre-Distortion
Hyde: Filter
Fortis: Resonance
Down: Post-Drive
Nefras: LFO Modulation
“Y” LED: LFO Pulse
Blas: LFO Amount
Zeal: LFO Speed
React: Germanium Clipping
**Requires a regulate 18volt DC Supply. Standard negative tip with a min of 150ma. (not included) Will run on lower voltages for a dirtier sound as long as the power supply can provide enough current. Lower voltage will affect the smoothness of the filter.

**We will ship this UPS w/signature. Overseas purchases please be aware of international import tax and duties.

Looks great with an EFC Studio: