Electron Fuzz Custom Retro with vintage Sprague TEL-OHMIKE panel in custom red oak box

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Requires a 9volt power supply (not included) that can supply at least 150ma of current. Negative tip. I like the 1 spot.

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***Please read: I wanted to do something special for our 1000th box. It’s a commemorative milestone in RMLfx history. Never expected we would end up building this many custom boxes. So for your consideration here is a one of a kind one off distortion pedal.

The original Sprague TEL-OHMIKE TO-3 unit was in an old beat up metal box so I crafted a solid vintage style box out of red oak. No plywood or particle board. The entire box weights a little over 7 lbs. We added a nice leather handle thats fully functional. About 13.75″ wide by 10.5″ tall.

**This is a high gain distortion circuit. With guitars (At its max settings) you might get feedback oscillation depending on the pickups you’re using. However that feedback does not exist when using this with synths and drum machines. So while there should be plenty of usable settings with guitar and bass I recommend this for studio and experimental use. Live situations may be unruly.

The front of the panel shows its age with lots of nicks and scratches. This was a 1950s unit so you’re looking at 70+ years of age. The plastic cover over the center dial is warped and yellowed. Old adhesives mark the surface of the panel. Original knobs are set on the potentiometers. The on/off toggle turns the unit off. The “paper-mica” switch adds a diode symmetrical clipping.

We cleaned it intensely but left the residue marks to keep that vintage patina. In/Out jacks placed on the lower left hand side so the unit can sit upright in your studio. The old tube is back lit with green LEDs when the circuit is active. When the x1000 toggle is engaged additional red LEDs are added to the mix. The giant knob in the middle is the feedback oscillation. One of the defining sounds of the EFC pedal series.

I will laser etch a legend card that clearly defines each knob and switch.

The internal circuit is our Electron Fuzz Custom “Retro” high gain distortion. Unlike the standard smaller pedal it has a cleaner parallel mix (knob left of “selector”). The “Bleed” as its called is there to mix in some fidelity after you’ve distorted and compressed your signal. There is an additional “original out” that taps the EFC circuit before the internal mixing circuit. The vintage meter is also fully functional.