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Requires a 9volt power supply (not included) that can supply at least 150ma of current. Negative tip. I like the 1 spot.

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For your consideration. This museum piece is a vintage 1950’s “Flyback Transformer Tester Model 98” box by the Kirby Products Corporation. It is equipped with a standard Electron Fuzz Custom pedal inside of it.

The box holds a very large vintage meter that responds to your audio signal. The box is all original. We only had to add a couple of holes to accommodate the hardware. A jack plate for 1/4″ ins/outs is installed on the right side of the box. We take great care to not mess up the original look, feel and design of the test equipment we modify.

Inside we are using all vintage 2n3568s dome transistor in the signal path. This gives the pedal a “tighter” more “focused” feel and sounds different than the standard design.

The box can be set safely on your studio desk in the upright position without tipping, but can also be set face up. Sorry, no stomp for bypass.

This is meant to be a studio piece. A secret tool that adds unique character to your tracks.

The large “Short Test” toggle engages a diode clipping mod (not on the standard pedal). This reduces the gain and turns the signal into a compressed fuzz tone. The two lower knobs are the tone controls “Hurt” and “Pain”. One reduces high frequencies, the other low frequencies. However the unique design of the Electron Fuzz pedal is not fixed. So by changing the tone controls you’re actually changing the dynamic gain stages of the circuit.

The large jewel glows while the pedal is active. A toggle switch (lower left) will engage the true bypass when in the up position.

The upper knob next to the power LED is the output volume. The “Calibrate” knob is the feedback oscillation control. If you’re not familiar with the EFC series pedals this is one of the defining characteristics of the pedal. It’s there for noise making and can sound much like an oscillator that can be turned all the way down to a pulse.

Below that are two toggles, one to cut low sub frequencies, the other to engage the “x1000” circuit. An additional set of gain stages that GREATLY increase the distortion.

The dimensions are 9″ wide x 6.75″ tall x 4″ deep.

And if for reference this is what the standard version of the Electron Fuzz Custom looks like: