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European Beech $439
Natural Oiled Walnut $469

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International Priority Shipping: $39
Requires an 18volt power supply with a negative tip that can deliver at least 150ma. (Not included.) Buy one here.

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Wood option

Please read:

It’s finally here, the official Hyde Distortion Filter with an illuminated VU meter. I’ve had a lot of requests to mod and illuminate vintage meters and its not often possible. So after careful consideration we made this alternative. I feel this maintains the image and quality I’m striving for. It comes in ether European Beech in a dark finish or natural oiled walnut.

*some meters may not have the “ashdown” branding.

The circuit is the same Hyde Distortion Filter found on the now discontinued Jekyll n Hyde dual filter boxes and the smaller euro pedal. This version is a step up for folks who would like easier interfacing with standard instruments such as keyboards, drum machines and other guitar pedals while still maintaining eurorack style CV control. It has 1/4″ jacks for the in/out audio signal on the back and an additional LFO out on the top panel. The LFO out can also be used as a CV input for the LPF (low pass filter) the filter will respond differently than with the dedicated LPF CV jack on the front panel.

But what is a Hyde Distortion Filter?

This is a low pass (all analog) diode ladder filter with two distinct pre-distortion circuits. Depending on how the knob is set there is a third district sound where the two signals meet.

This is a lower gain distortion so it works well with noisier synths. Since the filter is being overdriven by the pre-distortions you get a very unusual tonal quality. Tone can be affected by increasing or decreasing the output of whatever instrument or pedal you’re feeding into it.

You can bypass the distortions for a clean input. It has a very slow drifting LFO to keep the filter from sitting in a static position. There is a particular “worble” to this circuit. Much like vintage gear there is a touch of instability. You would hear this predominately when cranking up the resonance and clamping down the filter. Something not easily achieved with plugins or soft synths.

Knob controls:

Up: Pre-Distortion
Hyde: Filter
Fortis: Resonance
Down: Post-Drive
Nefras: LFO Modulation
“Y” LED: LFO Pulse
Blas: LFO Amount
Zeal: LFO Speed
React: Germanium Clipping

**Requires a regulate 18volt DC Supply. Standard negative tip with a min of 150ma. (not included) I recommend this one: the ECB004 You can buy it directly from Sweetwater.

The Hyde Distortion Filter can run on lower voltages for a dirtier sound. For instance a 12volt supply that can provide enough current will drastically change the sound. The lower voltage will affect the smoothness of the filter. Experimenting with lower voltages will not damage anything. Just don’t use more than 18volts.

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