Ok, wrapping up this month with another off grid #vanlife adventure. I will be back in town to resume regular shipping activities Aug 4th.

…so if you e mail me I may not respond in a timely manner. I will take my iPad with me but I don’t know what connectivity will be like. In the meantime crew continues to do their thing. If you missed it here is Vince talking about what its like at RMLfx on the new RMLfx Vlog!

I’ve also been considering going with some natural finish options for the end of the year. This Hyde/EFCcv combo came out exceptionally well. I am almost out of almost out of Nuclear Winter White panels, I usually just do a small run of this color. So Maybe I’ll try a natural box with a black panel next.

Earlier in the month…

I am taking a few days off to go camping with Mrs RML. July 9th I will be off grid and in an area were there is little to no cell service. If you order something I will ship or start the project upon my return.

If you send an e mail and I don’t respond thats why. Please don’t worry. I’ll be back in Portland after July 12th (2023). In the meantime our trusty crew will be at the shop building things. Feel free to place an order if thats what you’re here for. You can still send me an e mail. If the wind is blowing in the right direction and it arrives on my device I may try and respond. But I also may be off wrestling mosquitos or mountain lions. Wish us luck!

Been playing with Midjourny. I don’t know what the heck is going on in this image. The more you look at it the weirder it gets. I won’t be in the woods tripping that hard.

Dual EFCcv Combo Box

BTW, if you can’t go all out for an EFC Studio and want a powerful dual high gain distortion the Dual EFCcv combo box is a great alternative. You would need to use it with a 1/4th to 1/8th inch cable to work with standard synths and drum machines but other than that its fully compatible with standard instruments. It looks like its eurorack but it’s really a cross over.