Natural White Oak
with red flux meter: $599

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Requires an 18volt power supply with a negative tip that can deliver at least 150ma. (Not included.) Buy one here.

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This guy has a unique poison bottle etched on the front. I had assembled the Nuclear Winter White panel with a flux meter lens but noticed it had an imperfection in the powder coating. I shelved the panel thinking I might keep it for myself. The other day had the idea of engraving a design over it. Spent a few hours making some adjustments and trying different ideas until I came up with this. The laser etching eliminated the blem. Went with a natural finish. I’m very happy with the look. May have to explore natural finishes further. But for now this one is available!

BTW: The flux meter flickers and pulses to the frequencies of your audio signal. A very nice and comfortable light show especially if you’re in a dark studio.